So, you want to be the Best in Fresh?

"What gets measured gets managed."

Peter Drucker

Quality Monitoring In Supermarkets

We continuously monitor the quality of fruits and vegetables in supermarkets. Every week, in 7 countries, we know what happens on the retail shelf.

Samples of fruits and vegetables are brought to our laboratory to be analysed. We measure all relevant quality indicators such as pressure, sugar, acidity and brix levels. We also assess taste, quality defects and overall appearance.

Our unique approach to evaluating fresh produce ensures we are only testing what the customer is experiencing.

We provide a quality assessment through the eyes of the consumer.

Quality analysis is combined with other factors such as price point, variety, supplier, and country of origin. This provides a 360 degree view of what happens in supermarkets. It provides a full picture of fresh produce performance, right up until the moment of consumption.

Our weekly reports are highly actionable and can immediately be used in your organisation, helping you to be the Best in Fresh.

Residue Analysis

Together with our partner Groen Agro Control in The Netherlands we also provide residue analysis. Groen is a highly specialised laboratory for both chemical and microbiological analyses.

The analysis of pesticides includes more than 700 compounds and is performed rapidly, accurately and according to the highest industry standards.

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Working with Retailers & Suppliers

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